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10th symposium on remediation /

10th Sanierungskolloquium


Jena / Dornburg

October, 3rd - 6th 2011



At present, metal exploitation is at the rise resulting in ever more material being dumped on large areas. This leads to long-term soil and water contamination with all associated problems to the environment and human health.


Cost-effective techniques should be developed for reclaiming such landscapes aiming at long-term stabilization with a minimum of erosion and an intensified economic potential of agricultural use.


The production sites for biofuel or other bioproducts are in competition with those for food and agricultural use. Thus, the use of slightly contaminated areas not suitable for production of food is desirable for the production of bioenergy. Consequently combining biotechnology for biofuel production with phytoremediation could be an option. The link between contaminated substrates and plant metal uptake is provided by soil microorganisms.


Therefore, there is a high need of knowledge on improving combined (hydro)geochemical, micro­biological and plant-physiological techniques for phytostabilization and phytoextraction, as well as on processing plant material to bioenergy or biofuel.


Thus, this year’s remediation symposium in Jena focuses on contributions on new aspects and methods in sustainable management of metal contaminated landscapes.


We warmly welcome you to the 10th remediation symposium in Jena/ Dornburg and invite you to participate.


Erika Kothe and Georg Büchel


Monday, October 3rd, 2011

18:00  Ice Breaker - Institute of Geosciences Friedrich-Schiller-University, Burgweg 11, 07749 Jena

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

08:30  Shuttle to Dornburg

09:00  Registration Opening

10:00  Conference Opening, welcome

10:20  - 18:20 Talks and discussion (incl. poster session and visit of the "Dornburg Castles" )

19:00  Dinner

22:00  Shuttle back to Jena       

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

07:45  Shuttle to Dornburg

08:30  - 16:20 Talks and discussion (incl. poster session)

16:20  Closing Remarks


- Case studies of contaminated metal mining sites
- Geochemical processes within contaminated sites
- (Micro)biological impact on metal mobilization and fixation
- Phytoremediation and plant processing
- Abiotic and biotic factors influencing metal cycling
- Remediation on landscape scale: strategies, models and monitoring
- Poster sessions

Please find the full session and practical information in detail here

  2nd Circular of Remediationsymposium 2011


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