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Vinay Kumar B.N



Institut für Physikalische Chemie

Helmholtzweg 4
Room No. E007
Jena, Germany
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Telephone: +49 (0)3641 948 329




This project will focus on the characterization of mineral phases of precipitated minerals in bio-dissolution. Here, the main emphasis lies on the characterization of meta-stable nickel sulfide polymorphs as well as iron hydroxides and associated microbes by means of micro Raman spectroscopy. Applying Raman spectroscopy especially allows monitoring different iron hydroxide phases during growth. In addition, also metastable mineral phases can be identified. For such applications, an adequate sample cell will be developed in order to allow Raman in situ experiments e.g. to measure without the influence of oxygen. The different Raman spectroscopic methods are non-invasive which allows measurements of both microorganisms and mineral phases under nearly all conditions.

Besides laboratory experiments, on-site field Raman experiments are planned under natural conditions. This will prevent sample degradation during transport. The miniaturizing of spectroscopic equipment will be developed, which is built in such a way that it can be adapted towards different environmental conditions and can be run with minimal energy consumption.

In addition to the mineral characterization also the different bacteria involved in mineral precipitation will be characterized by means of Raman spectroscopy. The work on identifying bacteria via Raman spectroscopy will be extended towards identification of microbes on-site with an extended set of data analysis routines.

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