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Complementary teaching forms and lectures for the mediation of key qualifications

The independence of the fellows is especially trained with regard to their actively shaping the research school. The following components are complementary, specific teaching forms for specific scientific and soft skill education:

  • A 1-week summer school held by internationally renowned scientists on one of the interdisciplinary topics and related recent research is mandatory per year.
  • A “brain storming” weekend at Siegmundsburg is used to bring the entire group up-to date on the diverse research subjects and have time for more thorough discussions. The site Siegmundsburg is a suitable place for these lectures.
  • A yearly Sanierungskolloqium is held at the Friedrich-Schiller-University which is mandatory for the fellows. Several leading international experts will be invited for each meeting. The PhD students have the opportunity to get in touch with national and international experts and can establish important contacts for their PhD work. Their independence as young researchers is enhanced by actively shaping the conference. A talk or a poster presentation of each PhD student is regarded as obligatory.

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