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Foreign contacts and visits of PhD students and integration of guest scientists

  • A special promotion element of the PhD network is the exchange of the doctoral candidates between the involved network institutes as well as their delegation (3 months) to international cooperation institutes. The participants will be prepared very early on to recognize the importance, necessity and requirements of interdisciplinary and internationally networked research and experience its stimulating atmosphere. The PhD students will have the opportunity to learn new research methods, and to improve their knowledge in a foreign language.

  • The participation of the doctoral candidates in national and particularly international conferences and workshops is mandatory. The candidates should not only present and discuss own research results, but also learn to absorb and grasp important suggestions, trends and developments for their further research activities. The active participation of the PhD students in at least one such meeting per year is obligatory. In addition, the results of the candidate’s research work are expected to be published in international, peer-reviewed magazines in an early phase of the thesis.

  • International guest scientists are integrated actively into the study program and the fellows input is actively sought for invitations and hosting of the international guests. The PhD students will be enabled to directly interact and be instructed by the international guest scientists in form of a geosciences traineeship (“Famulatur”).

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