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Prof. Dr. Georg Büchel Institute of Earth Sciences
Faculty for Chemistry and Earth sciences
Burgweg 11
1978 Diploma Geology, Universität Mainz
1978-1983 Sci. Coworker at Applied Geology, University Mainz
1981 Scientific expeditions to the 1977 erupted Ukinrek-Maars, Alaska
1984 Dr. rer. nat., (summa cum laude) University Mainz. „Die Maare im Vulkanfeld der Westeifel, ihr geophysikalischer Nachweis, ihr Alter und ihre Beziehung zur Tektonik der Erdkruste"
1983-1993 Sci. Coworker University Mainz, Applied Geology and Applied Geophysics
since 1985 Multiple government and industry projects with third party funding on ground water exploration and use, site examinations, depostis and planned waste deposition, exploration and remediation of thermal water, hydrogeophysical, hydrochemical and hydroisotopic methods
1985-1992 Scientific projects on lithosphere structure with structure geological and gravity methods: Eastern Desert, Ägypten, (BMFT), and Sri Lanka (DFG)
1991 Habilitation and Venia legendi for Geology, University Mainz. „Das Kelberger Hoch – Ein integriertes Modell einer tertiären Magmakammer"
1990-1992 Representative of the professorship Angewandte Geologie, University Mainz
1993-1994 Self-employed Geologist, Ingelheim
1994-1995 Representative of the professorship Geologie, University of Essen
since 1995 Full Professor of Applied Geology at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena
2002-2004 Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
2006-2009 Head of the Institute of Earth Sciences
since 2006
Vice-chair of DFG Graduiertenkolleg  "Alteration and element mobility at microbe-mineral interfaces"
since 2007
Senator of the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
since 2007
member of the DFG Jena Graduate school JSMC Jena School for Microbial Communication, PI of the project: Relation between the fractionation patterns of rare earth elements (REE) and microbial communication processes on the Working area of heavy metal mobilization
since 2007 member of HIGRADE, Helmholtzzentrum of Environmental Research
since 2008
member of the DFG-Forschergruppe "The role of biodiversityfor element cycling and trophic interactions: An experimental approach in a grassland community". Project: "Influence of plant water relation on ecosystem function and quantification of soil water fluxes for nutrient an carbon budgets" (together with Sabine Attinger).
since 2009 member of the BMBF “Spitzenforschung und Innovation in den Neuen Ländern: INFLUINS- Integrierte Fluiddynamik in Sedimentbecken, Prozesse, Potenzial, Risiken
  Major Research Interests
  Rare Earth Elements as natural tracers in (microbial) attenuation during reactive transport in the water phase
  Hydrogeochemical reactions influenced by microbial processes
  Geo-bio-interactions in remediation
  Hydrologi­cal/hydro­geochmical field related investigations
  Groundwater exploration
  Formation of maar volcanoes
  Maar sediments as archive for the reconstruction of environment
  heavy metal mobilty in acid mine drainage

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